gave birth to twins

Since January I have used my bettahealth card to access healthcare twice and the services I received were truly commendable, as a matter of fact my wife just gave birth to twin boys using the plan and I want to get bettahealth policies for children in the coming weeks, because it is an absolutely smart decision..

Ohanwe Emmanuel
Lagos, June 2020

great hospital

I just left the hospital now and Service was great. May God  continue helping Bettahealth for this great work they are doing.

Lawal Matthew
(Lagos, June 2020)

more than 5 times

I have used my card once and the service was soft and good, my baby girl has used it more than five times, as well as my wife and there has been no challenges whatsoever, getting Bettahealth  was a smart decision.

Sanusi Adedayo
Lagos, June 2020

Gospel of Bettahealth

I have been on the BETTAHEALTH plan for a while and it has been a great journey so far. I have even been spreading the BETTAHEALTH word by sharing fliers that was handed to me by my husband.

Sanusi Abiso
Lagos, June 2020

Emel hospital festac town

I went to Emel hospital festac town  to see a doctor, after consultation with the doctor I was I asked to do the following tests; fasten lipid profile, fasten blood sugar, 2 hrs pospanda (2HPP) and after they hospital got in contact with the HMO, they got approval because my BETTAHEALTH plan covered my tests.

Oluoba Justina
FESTAC (Lagos, June 2020)

Goodfaith hospital

I was reluctant initially when i bought the policy,one fateful day i had food poisoning and no money at home this was around 2am,my children wanted to take me to a general hospital,but i insisted they took me to GOODFAITH hospital in SURULERE ,I did not have any money on me,and was treated immediately because i had a policy cover.