our storyBETTAHEALTH is an initiative borne-out of an Humanitarian service known as Lifestake Foundation (a not-for-profit organization)

Lifestake was founded to raise funds to pay hospital bills for stranded patients across various public and General hospitals across 


In 6months lifestake paid hospital bills for 23 indigent patients and helped 6 patients in Emergency situations.

This made us look into getting a more sustainable means of getting healthcare ,hence the birth of BETTAHEALTH.


BETTAHEALTH is a micro-health insurance plan that enables the average Nigerian to get access to quality and affordable health care in over 1,000 private hospitals across the country.



We believe that people should no longer self medicate or loose a loved one because of lack of money.

We believe that people should not risk their lives by patronizing road side chemist or unqualified doctors .

We believe that getting a health plan helps people save money,by using the funds for other things

We believe that in an emergency an health plan saves financially and ensures quick hospital response.