Bettahealth is an affordable health plan that allows you visit a doctor,do laboratory test,get free drugs ,do surgery and more in over 1,000 hospitals across Nigeria,without paying

1) If you buy Bettahealth ,you would not be burden with hospital cost if you or your family member falls ill

2) Because you do not know when you would fall sick,and Bettahealth is NOT sold to already sick individuals

We advise customers who are skeptical to get confirmation from the closest hospitals around them
Getting a health plan is not new to people in corporate organisations,in order to cater to the average Nigerian,we have designed a pocket friendly,realistic and affordable plan with flexible payment
Because we understand the economy challenges,we allow people a 4 weeks grace to pay,in a flexible manner
Cards are only processed after complete payment, hence we advise people complete payment as soon as they can,so as to give them access to care quickly
BETTAHEALTH covers MOST COMMON ailment, but not all ailments
You have access to over 1,000 carefully selected private hospitals across the country.
Your drugs are free up to the benefit limit.
Your doctor prescribes the drug to you, which you take to the pharmacy along with the authorization code, every drug comes only with a prescription and recommendation from the doctor, so as to prevent self-medication and drug abuse.
As long as the hospital is on our list, you would be attended to but in the event that you are not, you can call the customer care number on the back of your card or report the hospital through the mobile app
WhatsApp DELAY to 07013487432 Or call the number at the back of your card
After full payment, it takes 7-14 days to get your card
You can begin to access care 14 days after you get your card
You can contact the customer care number on the back of your card for the nearest healthcare provider to you as our partner hospitals are all over Nigeria
Your card is unique to you and cannot be used by another person
It covers a family of 6 (six) i.e father and mother below age 60 and four children below age 20
Bettahealth caters for people between age 0-60 years
Yes, it covers ROUTINE immunization for babies
Yes you can BUT all antenantal and delivery services would not be covered until after 10 MONTHS of being on the plan.This is to prevent adverse selection(a situation where only pregnant people buy the policy)
Surgery, optical care and dental care have a 6 months waiting period.
Our limits are quite generous and not likely to be exceeded but in the rare case that such happens, you would have to pay the little difference out of pocket
Our policies are designed to protect you against the uncertainty of you falling ill,hence the policy is valid for a year,after which a policy holder is expected to renew to enjoy the plan.
Every plan apart from the Family is directed to individuals.