ABOUT Betta Health™

With the minimum wage in Nigeria at N18,000 and hospital bill payment usually high, most people would rather self-medicate than go to a hospital, which could be detrimental to their health and could result in loss of lives.

Betta Health™ is a new and extremely affordable health insurance product that is designed in collaboration with CLEARLINE HMO. It is presently the most simple and convenient way to access affordable healthcare protection cover for individuals and families, with cover plans of up to N1, 500,000 for individuals and N2,500,000 for families on medical expenses.

Betta Health™ is here to make quality health care affordable and accessible to the common man.

Betta Health™ provides coverage against the risk of incurring medical expenses from basic; in-patient and outpatient care as well as minor surgeries. Registered policyholders just need to walk into any of our over 200-partnered hospitals and get high quality healthcare, hence reducing death tolls.

Our team believe that through sensitization, and dedication ,we all can get affordable health care.